Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Happy Tax Day To You Too!


Attending the local tee party today at the downtown Valpo courthouse square was a rewarding experience. It felt good being among friendly, like-minded citizens who are fed up. I was told this event was planned on April 14 instead of April 15 because the local Young College Republicans had already obtained the permit for tomorrow.

It was small, probably about 500 attended. There was nothing to indicate what the media paints as an angry mob, just ordinary folks who are frightened and fed-up about what is happening to our Constitution.

There were no counter protesters or planted disrupters. No nazi or racist images to be seen anywhere, another myth. There were union teamsters and steelworkers in attendance who wore caps, pins and badges and seemed to ignore the direction of their leadership.

This was my favorite t-shirt.

Here was a gal who shouldered a real AR-15 with tea bags tied to the barrel. Nobody seemed to care. Only in Indiana : )

There were flags.

There were bikers.

There were hot babes and their hot moms as well!

All in all I was so proud to be a part of this and I will go again when one happens nearby. I may even go to Chicago if and when another is planned there.

So get with it. Join up, speak up or shut up.

And God Bless America!


Dan from Madison said...

Congrats on attending and great photos.

Carl from Chicago said...

I like the AR15

Chris from Colorado said...

I like the hot babes and their moms.

Jonathan said...