Wednesday, April 07, 2010

OK, So I Did It…Now What?

You can now find me on Facebook and link up if you wish. Why, I do not know. I’m Gerry Fromvalpo. If you're interested. But don't expect any tweets or twats or whatever those are.

After clicking around for a few hours Facebook doesn’t appear to have much flexibility for visual personalization besides adding personal information in the form of text such as age, sex, political affiliation, religion, etc.. Sure, it allows photo uploads but I can upload my illustrated stories right here or at photobucket or many other photo sharing options out there.

As far as I can tell Facebook is nothing but a way to show the world how many online ‘friends’ one can attract and connect with as if it is some form of popularity contest. Not for me. I will keep the page open for those out there who want another online friend to notch on the old bed post.

Beyond that it serves no useful purpose for me as far as I can tell. I’ll keep trying to figure it out for a few hours but won't waste too much of my free time with it. Maybe I AM too old and curmudgeonly to be connected online more than I already am. I’ll just hunker here in the country bunker. Please pass me another beer while I think about it.

Question: Why is it...every time a new online fad starts up...I am told I need to be a part of it?....Cmon, man....Funk ‘dat.



Dan from Madison said...

I think you understand it perfectly.

Gerry from Valpo said...

Didn't take long.

Dan from Madison said...

It is pretty cool to become a "fan" of things. For instance I am a fan of Buffalo Wild Wings. Today they issued a coupon that anyone on fb could print that was a buy six wings, get six free.

Also I am a fan of Team RadioShack Cycling. They put up daily updates on what the team is up to, and how they are doing in different races.

Of course you can find a lot of this information elsewhere, but it makes it easier when the info comes to you in a nice pre-packaged deal rather than surfing all over the internet.

Gerry from Valpo said...

I'll give it a try. Coupons is good and I am a big fan of meat.

Chris from Colorado said...


No Facebook action for me, you've seen me and know how ugly I am.

I joined LinkedIn ( twice (such a vital part of my life, I forgot I joined the first time). Actually just got another invite to get linked with the second person that I got linked to the first time. Still not sure what benefit it is to anyone, but we be networking, and man, oh man, are we LinkedIn.

Still have my 4 megapixel camera and my 1999 Sony cell phone (no keyboard, no camera, no sh!t).

And, while I'm fessin' up how out of it I am, not sure if you recall, but I did bring a disposable film camera to Gunstock II.

Jonathan said...

FB didn't do much for me, but I have friends who find it useful as a way to keep in touch with family and friends. It's probably also useful for business networking and for dating. To each his own.