Saturday, April 24, 2010

No Shillin’ Here, Nope. It’s Just A Humble Gun Review.

But if you are in the market for a dependable, accurate, easy to maintain and competitively priced shotgun to take in the field take a look at the Benelli.

Always being a Browning guy my experience with the Benelli Nova 12 ga pump last week sure had my attention. I shot some clays and applied it to field-testing on wild turkeys as well. They also have a sexy website. Leave it to the Italians.

My Browning BPS has served me well. I wanted a 30” barrel chambered both for a 3” mag option to the standard 2.75” for waterfowl purposes. The screw-in choke tubes were new back then and are still highly recommended when purchasing a field gun. When I bought it almost thirty years ago there were no optional finishes, just glossy wood and blued metal. That caused me to handle it carefully to avoid eventual scratches and nicks. That’s hard to do when trudging to a muddy duck blind or walking through thickets. I tried using camo tape for protection but it always came undone making it awkward to handle and creating a potential hazard.

The Benelli Nova pump I shot last week was lightweight with a dull camo metal finish that is very resistant to scratches and camo polymer replacing the traditional wood. It shoulders well and swings easily. It’s designed recoil suppression system made it comfortable to shoot even when blasting 3.5” magnum loads. And the accuracy is damn good with the choke tubes allowing for short to distant ranges.

The guns I own are tools, not for display on a mantle or showing off to friends. When used they are subject to abuse. I don’t need some delicate jewelry when out in the woods I want a dependable tool.

The Benelli Super Nova 12 ga is now seriously on my wish list, but I will opt for the semi-auto without the pistol grip. If expert marksman Tom Knapp chooses Benelli it’s good enough for me.

Damn, and I thought I would never be buying another gun. Maybe a trade-in is in order.

UPDATE: Proof is in the results. Huntinbuddy just emailed a photo he took in the field of my turkey and me with his iphone. Not bad image quality at all. Jake by GFV. Killed with a Benelli Nova and 3.5" Remington turkey load.



Dan from Madison said...

Damn Eye talians make some good stuff or should I say design some good stuff. I am very happy with my Beretta 9mm. Pretty sure it is made here in the good 'ol usa.

mark said...