Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Interview With a Muay Thai Promoter

If you are interested in Muay Thai like I am, you need to make My Muay Thai one of your daily reads. They post fights and other things about MT like training tips, interviews and other MT related stuff.

Laura Del Farra is living the MT dream. She is a Canadian who has been living in Thailand for over a year now and is training at gyms there. She has been writing about her time over there - about things like the language barrier, the fight scene and other interesting topics. She is doing a fantastic job and her posts are very interesting - not only if you like MT, but interesting in general. I will go to Thailand to train someday.

Del Farra's latest post is an interview with the most famous of Muay Thai promoters. I find this man's take on the MT scene in Thailand interesting. He says that basically, it is going into the crapper and it doesn't look like too much is going to change. The interview is short, but it doesn't seem like he understands Del Farra's line of questioning when it comes to MMA. Here in the US and Canada, MMA is king right now. Maybe they didn't publish the whole interview, I don't know.

The truth is that MT as a stand alone sport in the US is practically DOA with no hope of revival. On a lot of MMA cards they will throw a fight or two in there that are pure MT rules, but in general it isn't going to happen. A couple of years ago I took Carl to a pure MT fight card that was put on by Duke Roufus in Milwaukee. There hasn't been one around here since. That event was pretty full, but the MMA cards take even larger venues now and bring in more people/fighters/money. I even scan Chicago for MT fights and can't find any.

Not to say that MT is completely dead. Any competent MMA fighter must have MT or he will lose the standup game. For MMA you need to have standup, transitions and ground - all three phases - or you will most likely lose.

And there are local hot spots for MT - our gym, in general, is doing great with the MT classes staying relatively full even in this economic downturn. The West Coast just had a spectacular MT show. Europe has a great MT scene now.

Anyway, the remarks of the promoter are interesting to me, so if you have an interest in MT, click on over and have a read.

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