Friday, April 30, 2010

I Got One.

Look what came in the mail yesterday, my own lifetime permit to carry personal protection. It’s valid in Indiana, Michigan and other reciprocating carry states.

Before last year Indiana required a renewal of the permit every four years. Being a state that honors the Constitution our legislators and Governor Mitch signed legislation allowing non-felons the right to carry for life (pun intended).

My last permit ran out in early March. I went in to my local P.D. in February to get the ball rolling. Fingerprints, FBI background check, State Police background check and a final approval by our Chief of Police. The process usually took one month and a money order but this time it was over two months.

Now I am legally exercising my Constitutional right again, unless I use it recklessly. How many gang bangers in Chicago go through all the jumps I did before choosing to carry a gun?

It always seemed odd to me that no photo is required on the permit, it’s a simple pink sheet with cut out lines. After copying it will be cut out and laminated later today. And I will be carrying. Just because I can.

Here in the free world known as Indiana our U.S. Constitution still means something. And that means a lot to me.


Dan from Madison said...

That is awesome, I am jealous living in one of the two remaining states with the no conceal carry still in place. It is a matter of time though.

If you are pulled over or otherwise have interaction with the cops are you obliged to inform them that you are armed?

Gerry from Valpo said...

Good question, never thought about it and am unaware of that detail. As a rule if I have any interaction with law enforcement I only surrender information they ask of me with 100% honesty. If I am asked to leave the auto and get frisked before they ask and then they find my piece they will soon discover the legal permit in my wallet. I ain't worried about it.

Dan from Madison said...

I mention it because I am pretty sure that rummel over in ohio is required to inform the cops upon any interaction but he would know for sure.

Chris from Colorado said...

Got my CCW in January. Ours have our picture on them. When I went to pick it up at the Sherif's department (took 50 days), the woman behind the glass just handed it without checking my ID, and said, 'yep, that's you'.

In Colorado, the cops will know you have a CCW if you happen to be pulled over when check your drivers license. I've heard it is highly suggested to inform them if are carrying even if they don't bring up the subject.

Looks like 3 rounds of Corbon DPX .380 ACP sitting there with your Bersa. Same stuff I load in my LCP.

graphix said...

Yes, in Ohio permit holders are required to inform police at traffic stops they are carrying.