Friday, April 02, 2010

Getting Ready

I have been bagging on Julius Peppers as of late over at Fire Everybody. The reason is very simple. The Bears have given him $20 million guaranteed this year to get out there and kick ass on the field. Peppers has responded to this by staying out late at night clubs for what seems like the majority of his time in the city of Chicago thus far. If you click on that last link you will see what I mean.

So what should Peppers be doing? Well, to me, the answer to that question is pretty damned simple. YES he should go out on the town once in a while. How about once a week? The rest of the time, he should be getting good sleep, waking up early and running, lifting and doing whatever else he needs to do to prepare for the upcoming season. Training camp for the pros starts in July - only 3.5 months away.

The reason for this post isn't to bag on Peppers, although that is a good reason to write any post. The reason I am writing this is to try to explain what it takes for a fighter to prepare - in major contrast to what Pepper is right now doing.

People don't just pop in the ring and become world champions - they work and work and slave day after day in the gym. If the fighters from my gym don't show up and put in the work, they get pulled from their fights, plain and simple. I have seen it happen often. The owner of the gym will not have his name stained with an out of shape fighter. It is OK if our guys lose as long as the effort was there. No gym goes undefeated.

Over at My Muay Thai there is an interview with Neungsiam, who is preparing for a MT fight in California. This part really hit home with me since I witness it in my gym all the time:
Lucas: What have you been doing to get ready for this fight?

Neungsiam: I run 6 days a week. I kick pads every day. I box spar monday, wednesday, friday, and kick spar every day. On tuesday, thursday, saturday I train with Mark for an hour of strength training.
Yep, looks about right. I would love to know how many rounds he was sparring and doing pad work. Probably an immense amount.

Next time you are sitting in your chair or in a bar watching UFC or some other type of fighting, keep in mind that those skills you see don't happen over night. It is a LOT of work for those guys to get into that prime fighting shape.

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