Wednesday, March 10, 2010

TGMPCBC - Championship Round

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The Great Mass Produced Crappy Beer Challenge is in it's final stage.

I just want to remind everyone that I did this so you don't have to.

Several months ago I started the Crappy Beer Challenge to sort out who is the best of the worst. In other words, when faced with an establishment or ballpark that serves only crappy domestic suds, which one should you choose? Or, if you are at a party and the host is so rude to not have some good beer around, which one, if you must drink to look social, should you pick out of that ice filled tub with all of the cans floating around in it?

Today, we have a true champion that will be crowned. If you recall, all four semifinalists are Miller products.

In semifinal number one, it is Carl's beer of choice, Miller Lite vs. MGD. I won't go into the details of how these beers taste, you can find that on the sidebar under "Crappy Beer Challenge".
The winner is MGD and it advances to the finals.

In semifinal number two, it is Milwaukee's Best Ice vs. Miller High Life.
The winner was Milwaukee's Best Ice. That is one beer that I never thought would make it this far, and it is in the finals vs. MGD.
The battle of the ages for all the marbles!
The winner is...drum roll please....
So there you have it, crappy beer fans, MGD has been scientifically proven in my blind taste tests to be the best crappy beer out there.
Last night as I was buying these for the finals I noticed that there are already a bunch MORE crappy beers on the shelves. I was tempted to run this thing again, but NO WAY. This has been hard on the 'ol taste buds.
Oh're welcome.


Dan from Madison said...

Heh, I just realized that this thing started last summer. Oh well, it ages like a fine wine. I can't imagine how these beers would taste if they actually sat around that long.

Gerry from Valpo said...


Dan from Madison said...


Carl from Chicago said...

No Miller Lite! What a travesty! But its close cousin MGD I guess will have to do for king of the worst. I will have to pick up a 6 pack of MGD next time I am over at Binny's and see what the fuss is all about relative to Lite.

Carl from Chicago said...

Duh I just realized my avatard was already MGD so now I am internally consistent :)

Dan from Madison said...

Do your own blind taste test and find out for yourself. I recommend the handy king can.

Mark said...

Oh, good. Now I can finally rest in peace. No more night-terrors about trying to decide between MGD and Miller Lite at the block BBQ this summer. Thanks, Dan!

Dan from Madison said...

haha good one Mark. The real terror is when you are faced with Old Milwaukee or Coors Light. In which case just go for the pop or water.

Carl from Chicago said...

I saw something recently that many high end craft brewers are starting to go to cans because they are better than bottles. No joke. I should do a super high end canned beer challenge from Binny's with a dozen or so.

Dan from Madison said...

Well, if the science is there, why not. There doesn't seem to be too much science behind a cork in a wine bottle and that is why many are going to screw caps.