Saturday, March 20, 2010

St Patrick's Day 2010 River North

St. Patrick's Day in 2010 here in River North was cloudy and rainy, about like it is today on the following Saturday (except it is even colder now). It seemed a bit more subdued than usual, for whatever reason, but you had the usual long lines at the bars at 7am (or earlier). Here in River North ground zero would be the Irish bars, prominently featured by Fado (the one with the long line in the photo)but the Hard Rock was trying to get in the act with a big tent set up outside and a musical act and food (pretty smart considering the rain).

Maybe because I wasn't drinking during the day I didn't see as many funny drunks as usual, like the guy dressed as Larry Bird in this post.


Dan from Madison said...

HAHAHA March beer of the month! Unbelievable.

Carl from Chicago said...

I left that Miller Lite in there just for you.

Not only is it beer of the month, it probably comes out GREEN.