Thursday, March 25, 2010

Southern Comfort - Part Two

Part One is here.

Having a luxurious place to crash helps make road trips so much more enjoyable. Even better was the Canal St. location making access to the French Quarter (FQ) a snap and all street-cars stops within two blocks.

Day two was a designated photo safari into the FQ. This was our base camp.

The courtyard within the complex was well done. The building was once a department store and converted into a four star hotel. Overall they did an outstanding job.

I was spoiled during my full-time business career having made many extended trips to Manhattan, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Newport Beach, CA. For a ten year period my trips were twice a month. We always stayed in the finest establishments and experienced fine dining at the very best restaurants. In my experience I can safely say that what the city of New Orleans has to offer is second to none.

After sleeping in a bed that was smaller but just as comfortable as my own we headed out to The Café DuMonde early. It’s a must-do stop on a morning in the FQ. As to be expected, it is a category five tourist trap. But it’s a damn nice tourist trap on a clear, sunny and warm New Orleans morning.

Chicory flavored coffee and a heavily-charged warm powdered square doughnut known as a beginet are an original item made famous here just a few blocks from the French Market. Jefferson Square is across the street to the west.

At the Café DuMonde…

…I took a time out to catch up on the latest capitalist news, what's left of it.

The coffee is mild, no bitterness at all. The beignets were crispy, light and ultra sweet. The entire covered outdoor patio had a stickiness on every surface. A jazz trumpet player strolled the perimeter blowing notes for cash donations. Getting there before 7:30 am will avoid lines waiting to be seated. I hate waiting in any line for anything.

Fortified with caffeine and sweet fried carbohydrate goodness we charged into the FQ for sightseeing and photos.

To Be Continued…

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Dan from Madison said...

Boy this is making me miss the FQ. Can't wait for lunch and dinner photos.

Back when I drank coffee I used to get the cafe du monde chicory coffee locally and drink that. Love it.