Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sometimes I Wish I Lived In A Big City

Via Nopstar I see that there is an awesome card of Muay Thai coming to Santa Monica on April 3.
Looks like they got several Lumpini champions. I would SO be there, if I was remotely close. But I am not.

Muay Thai cards are very hard to find here in the Midwest. There are two problems in getting a good MT promotion together. Scale and interest.

Scale - to put together a top notch card, you need money and if you don't have money you can't put together a good card. It is sort of like a chicken and egg argument. And to get top notch fighters from Thailand such as Lumpini or Raja champions, that makes their travel that much more exhausting. It is bad enough to fly from Thailand to California, much less adding a jaunt to the Midwest on the end and all of the lag that brings.

Even in Chicago there are no pure MT cards. You can find a fight or two that are usually folded into an MMA card here and there, but the pure MT cards are hard to find. Since you can't get scale, you can't get interest. But the real problem is that there isn't really a lot of interest anyway.

MMA is king right now not only here in the Midwest, but in the USA in general. And that is the plain old fact. I could go see an MMA card practically every weekend around here if I wanted to. Most of these smaller events have up to 15 or 20 fights and they begin with novice matches, go to amateur, and end with four or five pro fights. Typically they are very affordable, with $25 usually getting you in for a full nights entertainment. The larger shows in Milwaukee or Chicago will cost more, but the talent level is higher too.

I always go to see MMA fights for the standup, of course. Which is...Muay Thai. MT is the standup art used by almost every MMA fighter out there and there is a reason for that - it is effective.

Some enterprising individuals have put together an all standup league, called Instinct Fighting. I like their slogan - "all pound, no ground", which is a take off of the MMA style of ground and pound. I think they may be trying to make an inroad with perhaps boxing fans who want something more (such as kicks, knees and elbows) but who may not understand all of the submissions and other things that MMA encompasses. I see that Instinct only has one card scheduled right now, in New Jersey. They are smart to stay in the big cities for now. I hope they bring a card to Chicago or Milwaukee eventually - I would be there for sure.

This is a very cool promotion video for the Santa Monica production and it shows a lot of the training and other things that we practice every night in the gym.

Pretty slick production.


knirirr said...

It looks like that Instinct Fighting has got throws/takedowns but no ground wrestling after - that would be entertaining to watch. I wonder if it will ever catch on over here.

Dan from Madison said...

I agree Milo, Instinct looks like the real deal but time will tell if it succeeds. You are lucky to have such a wonderful MT scene in England.