Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The Right To Self-Defense – Here We Go Again

While each special interest group considers their needs to be considered as “rights” it confounds me that our true Constitutional rights require any defense at all.

Nuge knows:

As in the past I want to remind the reader that I am not a gun nut, collector, sharpshooter or firearms expert. I am a hunter first and firearm aficionado second. Other than a few handguns my long guns are strictly for hunting but a few serve as good-enough home defense weapons. Here in the free world of Indiana it is legal for me to possess a CCW permit (and I do) allowing me to carry one of my handguns just about anywhere (and I do) except on commercial aircraft or in government buildings such as a courtroom.

Today the Supreme Court begins hearing the case of McDonald v. Chicago with a verdict expected in June. The intent is to overturn Chicago Mayor Dick Daily’s obscene and unconstitutional handgun ban within his kingdom. Since the Heller ruling last year little Dick Daily has fought to keep his law on the books. Since Chicago, Cook County and the entire state of Illinois is currently in financial catastrophe it makes me wonder just how much it is costing Chicago taxpayers in legal fees to fight the second amendment at the SCOTUS level of justice.

This morning both Chicago newspapers have published articles outlining the case. One ChiTrib article begins with this typical anti-gun, pro-criminal tale:

“At the age of 15, Monica Sanders answered her phone to learn that her friend had been fatally shot in the stomach by another female teen, leaving behind a 4-month-old daughter. It still shocks me to this day," said Sanders, now 18. It's insane that a teenager could get a gun.”

“The senseless act of violence prompted Sanders to join Hands Without Guns, a violence-prevention group that joined a cacophony of local voices Monday on the eve of arguments before the U.S. Supreme Court about whether to strike down Chicago's long-standing handgun ban.”

In the same article Dick Daily had this to say, “We've turned our backs on common-sense gun laws in America and we continuously, unfortunately, continue shooting each other on a daily basis," Daley told reporters.”

What exactly do you mean “we”, Mr. Mayor? And just what is a “common sense” gun law? To me a common sense gun law would be very harsh punishment for anyone using a gun to commit a crime. You have failed miserably, Mr. Mayor. Your city has some of the most violent neighborhoods this side of Afghanistan and all you can do is deny the right of self protection to your loyal law-abiding subjects? You are just another political hack who knows very well that it’s not what you accomplish but how you appear to be “doing something”. Illinois is loaded with suckers and you play your hand well.

Gerry’s common sense gun law would be ten years minimum for first time offenders using a gun to commit a crime and life for a second violation no plea bargaining and no time off for good behavior. None. Seriously, I believe we would see a dramatic decline in gun crime and gun criminals if my law passed. I often read stories about how someone was shot and killed by a previously convicted criminal out on parole from weapons charges. Where to put these bastards? How about that empty new prison where Dick Durban (another Illinois Dick) wants to lock up Gitmo detainees? Dickie D claims that “This is an opportunity to dramatically reduce unemployment, create thousands of good-paying jobs and breathe new economic life into this part of downstate Illinois.”

Does this mean that Gerry’s common sense gun law would mean creating jobs as well. Who knew?

Here’s another Chicago media observation of this case.

So how did the NRA build their case? If you are interested in reading about how lawyers go about getting a case in front of the Supreme Court read all of this.

And just who is McDonald? Read all about him here. From the article:

“Amid the clamor of the gun-rights debate, McDonald presents a strongly sympathetic figure: an elderly man who wants a gun to protect himself from the hoodlums preying upon his neighborhood. But the story of McDonald and his lawsuit is more complicated than its broad outlines might suggest. McDonald and three co-plaintiffs were carefully recruited by gun-rights groups attempting to shift the public perception of the Second Amendment as a white, rural Republican issue. McDonald, a Democrat and longtime hunter, jokes that he was chosen as lead plaintiff because he is African-American.

“And no matter what the court — and the public — might make of his story or this case, legal experts say McDonald is poised to become an enduring symbol.”

Otis McDonald is already an enduring figure to me and a very courageous man as well. We need to win this one just to stick a well-splintered utility pole up Dick Daily’s azz with zero lubrication.

In a related and very sad story on the same day the McDonald v. Chicago case is going before SCOTUS three members of a family in the wooded upscale suburban development southwest of Chicago in the village of Darien were murdered by a home invader. While the home was not in the Chicago city limits it gives reason to own and train with self defense weapons with the intent of protecting the lives of your family. That is real "common sense".

The Darien story reminds me that few months ago I had night sights installed on my Glock 22 by a neighbor who is an expert on self defense. He also instructs police departments in combat pistol and rifle techniques. According to statistics Jim explained that most home invasions take place at night. I hadn’t considered that before. He took me to the outdoor range one night where he is club president and had me shoot at metal plates in the dark. One reason was to improve accuracy in low and no light conditions. The other was to become acquainted with muzzle flash. If you have never shot a gun in the dark it’s surprising how a muzzle flash can momentarily blind the shooter depending on the load. I found muzzle flash annoying but not totally blinding, then again, I was not using the hottest loads. I was surprised how well I did, probably from his coaching me in daylight on how to stand, unholster, grip and find the target quickly. Maybe I should practice while laying down as if I were in the bed as well.

My advice to everyone is to protect yourself, your family and your property in spite of any “common nonsense” gun laws. If you don’t own a gun already then buy one and get professional training. Shoot regularly and if possible shoot in the dark and become accustomed to the flash. Join the NRA, it’s cheap and you get their magazines although they will bug you regularly for additional donations. Best of all they are the only ones equipped to protect our second amendment right to self defense.

Forget home alarm systems that call the police. I cannot recall when police have ever shown up before a home invasion has occurred.


Dan from Madison said...

Here's hoping they smack down that draconian Chicago gun law and let law abiding citizens defend themselves.

Carl from Chicago said...

Yes indeed