Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Puffin Movies

I went on a trip to Machias Seal Island where there is an Atlantic Puffin colony off the coast of Maine and nearby Canada in 2007. I stayed at a Canadian island near New Brunswick called Grand Manan Island and took a charter boat from a guide to get to the puffin colony.

For an hour I was in a small blind bird watching. There was no light inside the blind so we could see out but (supposedly) the birds couldn't see inside. However, I am sure that the Atlantic Puffins knew we were there because they kept walking right up to the rocks in front of the blind just a foot or two away and eyeballing us, which was great.

I had a camcorder and while I am no great shakes as a photographer or as the video equivalent it was hard to make a bad movie with the Atlantic Puffins (and Razorbills) literally a couple of feet away. I had a web site for this briefly but because the movies take up a lot of bandwidth it was a pain to maintain and setup so I abandoned it. Recently I set up a You Tube channel (owned by Google like Blogger here) and started putting my movies up there, a couple a day, so that everyone can see them.

If you want a laugh or have kids I definitely recommend checking out the "Puffin Movies" channel over at you tube. The URL is and it is over on the LITGM side bar. Turn UP the sound because you can actually hear the little tick-tick-tick of the Atlantic Puffin feet as they walk on the rocks in front of you and the sound of their wings as they fluff and then fly off (they are really fast and I read that they fly up to 50 mph).

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Anonymous said...

What? No Puffin recipes?

Dan from Madison said...

haha I see you put it right below the most important website in the world in the sidebar, that will bring the traffic for sure.

Gerry from Valpo said...

We here at LITGM will do anything to keep readers happy, especially those kind enough to leave a comment.

Here's a Puffin recipe your dinner guests will be talking about for years...

Mjólkursoðinn lundi – Icelandic Puffin in milk sauce


4 puffins
40g. butter
300ml water
50g. smoked bacon
300ml milk
salt to taste

Puffins should be skinned or carefully plucked and singed. Remove the innards and discard. You can use the breasts alone, or cook the whole birds. Wash well in cold water and rub with salt, inside and out. If you are using whole birds, truss them. Draw strips of bacon through the breasts. Brown the birds on all sides, and stuff the birds tightly into a cooking pot. Heat the milk and water and pour over the puffins. Bring to the boil and cook on low for 1-2 hours (test the birds for softness). Turn the birds occasionally.

The sauce:

30g butter
500ml cooking liquid
4T flour

Melt the butter and stir the flour into it like you were making white sauce. Strain the cooking liquid and gradually add to the butter/flour mixture.

Serve with boiled and/or caramelized potatoes and lightly boiled vegetables, like carrots, peas and brussels sprouts.

Dan from Madison said...

You know, Puffins are probably pretty good, they probably have a lot of fat sort of like a goose to protect them from winter.