Saturday, March 06, 2010

Hope Springs Eternal

All the snow looks to be melting this weekend and my thoughts are on baseball, and my beloved Milwaukee Brewers. Don't forget my favorite player in all of baseball, Craig Counsell. Old Man Craig hustles every play and still throws the leather. He can play almost every position and plays on the cheap. Can hit a bit too. I do miss the old Counsel batting stance though - I found this nut, the batting stance guy, who does the old Counsel and the other Brewers perfectly:

We look to be improved this year. Not sure if we are playoff worthy, but we should be a contender. Or not.

We shouldn't suck as bad as a certain team from the north side of Chicago, and that pleases me greatly. My favorite play from last year:


Carl from Chicago said...

I still like that Onion article that said that after steroids were factored out the best

Carl from Chicago said...

That batting stance guy is awesome. I think now MLB puts him on some of their official shows before the game for a laugh.

It is interesting to see him do all those stances and then wonder about the efficiency of them all. There has to be more science to it than this.

Dan from Madison said...

haha I forgot about that onion article, awesome