Sunday, February 07, 2010


Dan started up this blog in 2004 (you can see the old posts on the side bar, with hair) and I joined in 2005. In 2007 Gerry joined and then Andrew joined in 2009. We had a couple of others along the way (one died, and one left).

Following Dan's lead, we not only don't do much in the way of self promotion, we actively AVOID self promotion. There aren't any ads here (so we don't make the 25 cents / day we could make) and we don't want a bunch of commenting trolls that make us have to delete their rants, because they are too painful to look at.

A couple of years ago I "claimed" our blog on Technorati. We don't put their gadget on the site or anything, and we don't want visitors "pushed" on us who wouldn't come here on their own volition.

When we first started our rank was way down, in the 20's or so (the other blogs I work on have a rank of 1, if that tells you anything). I was astounded to see how high up our rank has climbed over the last couple of years. I recently updated their brief description to note that we have 4 bloggers now.

I did some quick math and there are about 60,000 or so claimed blogs at Technorati from what I could see. Our blog is about to cross in the top 10,000 or so, which I guess means something, although I don't know what. We have an "up" arrow next to us, which is better than a "down" arrow, I guess.

I have to say that it does fill me with a bit of pride how much our blog has improved over the years. Dan and I have had encounters with journalism professionals and they have been struck by the high quality of our site. And that is because - we are GOOD. Our photos are also great, with my own quality bringing up the rear, as usual.

So while it doesn't mean much, it is better to be on the way up, than the way down. Even though I am not sure where we are going, since blogging may turn out to just be a fad in the grand scheme anyways.


Dan from Madison said...

haha interesting. Good 'ol LITGM has staying power. I might clarify that the one blogger who "left" actually got canned by me, after several sh1tty posts and repeated pleas to do better.

Carl from Chicago said...

I was being polite but yes that is true of course