Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sleigh Rally

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When Winter started here back in November and December, I decided to steel myself much more than in previous Winters. In the old days I would cry, bitch and moan praying for warmer weather and no snow.

Well, the facts are that I am not moving, and Winter is part of the deal. So since it isn't going away, I need to deal with it. This year I have gone running outside when the temps are 25 or higher and it is absolutely wonderful. I never knew. Still too cold to go biking though.

To that end, I decided to go along with my horse crazed significant other and kids to a sleigh rally in Columbus, WI last weekend. They had horses of all different shapes and sizes pulling sleighs.

After they pulled for a while doing walk and run, they lined them all up for the awards.
There was a small place where everyone could go to warm up. They had lots of interesting things in there.
I loved this old woodstove. There was actual wood burning inside and it felt great on the toes and hands after being outside for a while. That box shaped thing in the middle was actually a heat transfer mechanism - if you look closely you can see a motor on the rear that pushed air through the box, and the warmed air went into the space.

I also took a couple of videos. It was a fun and interesting day.


Sk8 said...

Looks like a good time. Embrace the suck, as they say.

Dan from Madison said...

Pretty much.

Gerry from Valpo said...

Love the Franklin stove, a friend had one exactly like it.

Jonathan said...

I can see why snowmobiles are so popular. But if you like horses nothing else will do.