Monday, February 08, 2010

Hope I Die Before I Get Old

It was with some dismay that I watched what was left of the Who yesterday at halftime in the Super Bowl. They played a bunch of their most popular songs for a couple of minutes each. The most painful was Baba O'Riley, where Roger really couldn't even come close to some of those high notes. Pete and Roger were both looking puffy as well. I guess that happens when you are over sixty. They really should have hung it up when John died.

Pete missed at least a half dozen times during the performance - stuff like that is more noticeable when you have heard a song eleventy million times and know exactly when which note is supposed to be played - or not played.

I guess I was hurting a bit inside because I always want to remember them in their young, awesome stage. I refuse to give the name "The Who" to that sh1t I saw yesterday. Watch this and you will see what I mean. Ignore all the hippie crap after the Who are done playing.


Carl from Chicago said...

I always loved Entwistle because I grew up playing bass guitar and of course he was one of the pioneers. They were barely hanging on after Moon died and that absolutely should have been the final straw.

Sad because most of America only knows the Who through CSI, no joke.

Dan from Madison said...

Well I have never watched CSI, just like most TV shows. Heh. What do they do, play Who soundtracks on that show?

yes, John was a master at keeping the band on track - you can almost hear him chide them with the bass at times when they get out of pocket.

Mark said...

From (feel free to delete if there's some dcma/riaa/whatever violation from this copy and paste):

Stumbling around over by the drum kit—with his black fedora, patchy white stubble, and oversized eyewear—Pete Townshend looks a bit like a confused Junior Soprano. By the way, how tempted must CBS have been to parade CSI stars across the stage during "Who Are You"? Gary Sinise windmilling on a Fender. David Caruso snapping off his sunglasses to stare accusingly into Roger Daltrey's eyes. This must have been narrowly rejected in the planning meetings.

Dan from Madison said...

Hey Carl, you will love this!

Carl from Chicago said...

That is very funny

Lots of other isolated bass stuff out there

will be a big time waster for me