Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fighting Boredom


Here we find ourselves in the most boring season of the year. We’re stuck indoors unless you are a ski, snowmobile or ice fishing enthusiast all of which I have done many many times and enjoyed in my younger days. Go to the mall shopping today? I don’t think so.

I could go out to the farm or the local indoor range and blow off a c-note or two worth of ammo. Nah. I will just wait for man made global warming to return. So. What to do?

For starters today is Valentine’s Day and I did my due diligence as all attached men must. BTW, if you have yet to discover it comes highly recommended by yours truly badda-boom-badda-bing. Easy, affordable and a longer lasting product than local florists provide as well. Wimmens dig It too.

Well, the wood fire is going and I will be settling in to watch Olympic figure skating The Daytona 500 today. Since I am a motorsports fan it is my duty to watch what was once a finest redneck sporting events until NASCAR became mainstream and over-comercialized necessitating the need for restrictor plates and safety measures.

All the hype I have seen leading up to today’s Daytona race leads to female driver Danica Patrick, that skinny brat b!tch who feels entitled to grab as much attention as any driver who actually wins races without having the lead car pit on the last lap for her only IRL vistory. For the past few years she plagued my Indy Car race experience but she’s NASCAR’s problem now and they can have her. Not that I have a problem with female drivers. Sarah Fisher is a class act and Milka Duno is way sexier, all Milka needs is a fast car.

Little miss hissy-fit is a tight young little brunette with the body of a ten year-old boy. She can be seen in commercials for along with Sports Illustrated and FHM Magazines flaunting her lack of a womanly figure in skimpy outfits like that photo above. Yuck. None for me thanks. I prefer curvy women who look more like women below the neck.

I love this video of Danica going after the Milka Duno in the pits. Can we have a bowl of cat chow for two, please?

Hey Danica, never bring a knife to a gun fight especially when you confront a spicy South American chick.

One thing I have noticed recently on broadcasts of major sporting events are the obligatory live concerts. The NFL SuperBowl had the Who at halftime along with many others during the pregame. Daytona will have pop country acts for sure before the race. I was watching Tim McGraw a while ago. The Indy 500 tries hard to use boring gritty grunge style bands in order to draw the younger crowd. Since I know nothing of the acts they mean nothing to me and after listening they mean even less. Ever see a live concert with a sporting event before or between acts?

What’s next, big fat Oprah squealing start your enginessss peeepooollle?


Carl from Chicago said...

the concerts may be boring but she sure was hotttt singing the national anthem at the Indy 500 when I was there

Carl from Chicago said...

I like the new photo of your dog as a pup on the masthead!