Monday, February 15, 2010

Break, But Not Really

Back on the 28th of January I was tossing around the idea of taking some sort of break, possibly from Muay Thai. I guess what I was trying to say in that post is that I was getting more enjoyment from my running and biking and wanted to concentrate a bit more on those.

Well, I was half right, half wrong, and half confused. Always give 150%, I say.

I had a talk with my instructor and he brought up some good points and made me think a bit about what I needed to do and where I was going. He is a good guy and it was nice of him to sit down with me for a half an hour to have a chat.

I have been going to that gym for almost three years now pretty much without missing one Muay Thai lesson (if I wasn't on a business trip or vacation), and the last year and a half staying late to help train the fighters (pro and amateur). I have now ratcheted up my workout schedule to five days a week. I really like the combination of anaerobic (kickboxing, strength) and aerobic (running, biking) training. I think it is the best of both worlds.

Part of my problem, I have found, was that I simply wasn't putting enough into my Muay Thai lessons. The enjoyment was slowly going away for me because I didn't have my heart into it. The last month or so I have been blasting through the lessons and the old thrill is back. Sure, I am gassed at the end of the hour, but so it goes.

I am taking a break from training fighters. When I go to the gym (twice a week) I first do my strength training, then have class, then fighter training. Those nights get late and unless you have trained a pro fighter before, you can't imagine the toll on your body. Holding pads for a 20-something amped up fighter smashing as hard as he can with fists, elbows and kicks isn't for the weak. In fact, at our gym you have to go through a several month training program before you are allowed to hold for the fighters. I will admit I liked it and was honored when so many of our guys asked me to be in their corner for their fights.

I was humbled shortly after I decided to take this short break when all of the fighters asked me where the heck I have been, that I am their best pad holder, etc. etc. It made me feel wanted and helped me understand that I was doing a good job.

But fighter training, as much as I love it, was the lowest on the priority chain for me, and I am taking a break from that until April. Already I can tell that my attitude is better at the gym when I walk in, as I don't dread the damage that is inevitable holding pads for the fighters.

I still go to the gym two days a week, but "only" for two hours at a crack instead of three. Then I also push out three hard cardio runs/rides a week. So that is a total of five days a week that I work out. I think that is plenty and I am happy with my new schedule.

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