Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Big Nasty

I was out walking in the cold when I saw a house that looked dilapidated enough to be a post-college rental when I noticed Silly String on the side of it. I immediately thought of the Big Nasty, a bar Dan and I used to go to on Lincoln avenue which has long since been closed. They pretty much only sold king cans of beer, silly string, and jello shots. Seemed like a good idea at the time. I would like to say that I have fond memories of that place but really not too many memories at all.

I found this link to the pictures of the Big Nasty back in its glory days. Make your own memories.


Dan from Madison said...

Ah, the Nasty. Definitely spent too much time and money in that place. Worth every second and every penny.

It was sort of odd - women who normally would be way out of my class/league were typically pretty friendly there, although I am almost positive it was because they and every single other person in there was completely intoxicated. Definitely wasn't my charm and/or good looks.

Carl from Chicago said...

Agreed on the intoxication level

Due to a relative decline in your peers and Muay Thai you are now the James Bond relative to your peers. Heck the fact that I have hair makes me a low grade James Bond (maybe one of those really bad films)

Dan from Madison said...

haha you are the Roger Moore of James Bonds. Which still isn't too bad.

Jonathan said...

While you were becoming James Bond the women all became Kirstie Alley. This is the central problem.