Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2010 Chicago Auto Show

The 2010 Chicago Auto Show is on right now. Compared to previous years' it seemed emptier than usual, which could be due to the weather, the economy, or the fact that I went on a Monday. It was easier to navigate through the crowds and get up to the cars, which was great.

Who could go to the auto show and miss the auto babes? For the new tiny Fiat model the Italians went all out.

There were some hot cars at the show. The Audi R8 Spyder convertible was fantastic, although you can't see the engine through the rear window hatchback like you can on the hard top. There is a new Mercedes gull wing, and don't forget the GTR, with a sticker at a mere $80,700.

A lot of custom cars caught the eye of the younger crowd. Scion in particular and Suzuki too had some great customization.

Fun for all, see you next year.


Carl from Chicago said...

The two Italians in white dresses next to that tiny new Fiat were the bomb. I could have hung out there all day!

Anonymous said...

really, they are TWINS !!