Monday, January 04, 2010

The Web Amuses... And Terrifies

From time to time I recommend this site as one of the coolest web applications. Finally, someone who listens to you... I especially like "come closer" and "turn around". Very funny.

But then today I found this link at the Chicago Tribune web site. It is called

"Mugs in the News"

Basically you can see the mug shot and then just click through to the news article that summarizes the crimes. You have many, many murders and the murderers are often quite young. It is terrifying to go through name after name and face after face of individuals who quite clearly don't care about the consequences of their actions and have no place in civilized society.

As far as the handgun ban, check this one out. 2 guys, one from Burr Ridge (an upscale suburb) get in a fight, and then the guys from Chicago follow him, pull him out of the car on Webster (not far from where we used to live in Bucktown), and shoot him 3 times, killing him.

You can see incident after incident of the non-effectiveness of the Chicago handgun ban. Pretty much everyone is armed and utilizing a gun for their criminal acts. It isn't deterring anyone.

I'll just have to stick to the first site.


Carl from Chicago said...

Dan's got his Monday morning blues.

Maybe I'll select a Chicago handgun victim every week from this site and put it up after the Monday morning blues to humanize what we are talking about.

These are the armed people, not law abiding citizens.

Dan from Madison said...

I was just lamenting the fact that I missed my Monday Morning Blues post - ugh that would really make it blue if we linked it with the murder tally from the City of Chicago where nobody owns handguns.

Carl from Chicago said...

I think it sounds like a plan