Monday, February 01, 2010

Still Another Pizza Recipe To Try

This is one recipe I had to try. It’s called Sicilian pizza. It’s a pizza style unfamiliar to me and until recently, never head of it and never tasted one. As far as I can tell only the dough recipe and the square pan make a Sicilian style pizza different from traditional.

Since I have conquered thin crust and deep dish why not head for a new frontier? A little credit is in order. The original thin crust recipe I use came from Steve H. but what I have been making lately has been modified. It is a never-fail recipe.

Here is my typical thin crust pizza.

The deep dish was a recipe from Cook’s Illustrated and I followed every detail because my previous deep dish attempts failed to meet my own expectations. The Cook’s recipe is a winner. One trick that impressed me most was a pastry-chef technique to roll out the dough and spread softened butter on top, then rolling it up and refrigerating the rolled dough in order to firm up the butter. This is responsible for a very flaky crust.

This is what my deep dish looked like.

Back to the Sicilian style pizza. This recipe also comes from Steve H. I followed his instructions but added pepperoni to one side and mushrooms on the other because that’s what she likes. He never adds pepperoni or sausage but I cannot live on a pizza without it. I also used a 75-25 mix of mozzarella and provolone since that is what I like.

The dough mixture damn near killed my food processor. This is a lot of dough and I did not follow his advice to split the batch. I will next time because the burning electrical odor is not good, not good.

This dough was the quickest rising I have ever seen, wow! I let it rise three times and still had plenty of activity left. This dough ball was alive!

His advice was you can never use too much oil in the pan or on the dough. I may have because the bottom did not develop a hard crust, maybe this is what the style is and since I have nothing to compare it to oh well.

Here is what my very first Sicilian pizza looked like last night.

All in all it was a damn good pizza. The crust was thick and bread-like. I would compare it to a soft focaccia with pizza toppings.

I will be making one again. Next time we'll find a way to add some crispness to the bottom. After all, outstanding home made pizza is important. It helps end world hunger and that’s all I need to know


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Now I'm hungry

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