Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Welcome Andrew from Aurora!

We have a new member on the blog, our friend Andrew from Aurora. You can see the post he put up below on diving on a submarine, which is awesome. He is also famous (around here, at least) for the 9mm vs. 45 cal post which has always been a big traffic generator for the site (not that we care too much, we don't have ads).

Since we aren't here to drive traffic each of us posts when we like. All of us have other jobs and lives and even web sites so we don't try to post here on a regular basis, just when we have something that we think might be interesting, and not politics, because that brings out the worst in the web world.

Andrew has a million cool hobbies that will be fine grist for this site, including the ability to build stuff, is a great shot and a firearms expert, a diver, and knows a heck of a lot about business and other things to boot.

Dan and I are so happy that Gerry joined the blog. His cooking posts are fantastic, although frankly I am so inept in the kitchen that I can't even start with them. Also there has been so much more and it has made the blog a richer place. Also note the cool photos on the mast head that is his doing and he is a great photographer (insert joke here about Carl being the worst photographer on the site, which will be even more true when Andrew joins).

So Welcome!


Dan from Madison said...

Here, here, welcome Andrew!

Andrew from Aurora said...

Thanks guys! Glad to be on board...

Annie said...

Neato. I look forward to reading you! :)