Sunday, December 27, 2009

Neat Bar Trick

Recently I was out with new blog member Andrew from Aurora having a beer over at Elephant and Castle (funny, from playing combat mission for years with Dan I always spell it "Elefant" like the German WW2 tank destroyer - Dan check out the link they restored the one at Aberdeen since we were there) and I first bought a miller lite but it was so flat I traded up to a Stella Artois. Then I noticed the bartender doing a trick I hadn't seen before.

He took the Stella that had been sitting on the bar waiting for him to pick it up and deliver it to a table and stirred it with a little straw like I am doing in the photo to put some head on the beer. Ha! A pretty good little trick to make it look fresh out of the tap.

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Dan from Madison said...

I don't mind a Stella once in a while, it is a pretty good pilsner. Speaking of, I went for Chinese a few days ago and was surprised how good the Tsing Tao was.