Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holiday Shopping 2009 Chicago

I recently braved the crowds which were surprisingly large for a recession on Saturday and went shopping for Christmas gifts. A few photos from my travels in downtown Chicago.

Upper left - an Agent Provocateur bag left in the trash. Someone probably purchased something for their girl and then realized that bringing the bag home is a dead giveaway. Or this is really saying "here is a gift which ostensibly is for you but is actually for me."

Upper right - I love the slogan "Enrich Your Mind" on this shelf of books at Best Buy. Let's go through the "mind enrichment" - you have:

1. A Danielle Steele book (is she still alive? She was writing trash when I worked at a bookstore in the mid 1980's... damn looked her up at wikipedia and she is only 62)
2. J.D. Robb is really Nora Roberts, another hack romance novelist
3. A Michael Jackson bio book. 'Nuff said
4. There's the book about Dexter the serial killer
5. Don't forget the biggest loser

Lower left - a cool view of the Trump Tower from almost bottom to top - it is hard to find an unobstructed view showing that much of the building in one shot

Middle right - I love the concept of a bow on a car. "Look honey, I gave us a liability!"

Lower right - a camera shot of people relaxing at Bistro 110 post holiday shopping. I like the reflections

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Dan from Madison said...

With the Agent bag - maybe she got something for him...

Also funny with the mind enrichment.