Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Freaking Out The Neighbors

Ever since my new neighbor moved in four years ago he has caused quite a spectacle. Most other neighbors in this small densely wooded enclave on the edge of corn and bean fields are professionals who belong to the local country club, golf, run 5k’s and marathons and attend black-tie fund raising charity galas. My lifestyle doesn’t quite fit in and neither does that of my new friend next door. We both get along great and have mutual respect.

Friend and neighbor is a serious deer hunter. He has access to very productive land just ten minutes away (owned by a friend of his who is a very wealthy retired industrialist) and usually bags five deer each season. Yesterday he poked a monster buck with his crossbow as this season is drawing to a close. Twelve points, typical rack and should score well on the Boone & Crocket scale due to the thickness and length of the tines. It weighed 198 lbs. dressed. Not a record by a long shot but a trophy just about anywhere whitetailed deer romp. He called and asked if I would come over to take photos of him and his trophy

Since he moved in he is not shy about opening the back of his truck to wash out blood as it rolls down the driveway out of the open carcass. He then drags his quarry into the garage to be hoisted on a gambrel attached to a strong block & tackle pulley hoisting it up for skinning and butchering.

I have helped him skin and butcher deer before. My reward is a few roasts, chops and chili meat. Yum.

Out here in the country a sight such as this is common but not in our small enclave of upscale floot-snoots. Think Margaret Drysdale watching the Clampetts.

I have heard second-hand comments about friend and neighbor from others because of his actions. The term “redneck” comes up often. To me, redneck used in that context is a compliment. This 70+ year old fellow could probably buy and sell most of them. Call him excentric.

Yesterday afternoon I noticed one neighbor close the curtains. Another pulled out of his driveway and turned his head away as he passed.

As a hunter I am not looked at in that same way. I hunt birds and waterfowl. He hunts sweet little ol’ Bambi and her dad. They will confide in me their displeasure of his actions not knowing that if I had access to productive land I would be doing the same thing. Cleaning my small game is a bit more on the discreet side.

If they only knew.


Dan from Madison said...

haha that is great. Nice buck too.

Mark said...

Beautiful animal. I'm sure the guy who turned his head doesn't think twice before chowing a $30 steak - what's more sporting and satisfying: this or a .22 between the eyes at the slaughter house?

Slippery!!! said...

Most men who are die hard hunters try really hard to outsmart a deer of this magnitude...
Seems quite frivolous to me...hunting is hunting no matter or what ever kind it is, birds, deer, rabbit and so on.
You can turn this on your tv at any give time these days..Or you can turn it off...Its a choice...

I myself would like to be the first to shake the hand as well as congratulate him on his once in a lifetime prize.

Jonathan said...

Off topic: B&W martini photo at the top of the blog is great.