Friday, December 11, 2009

Chilling Self Defense 911 Call

Over at Xavier's place there is an interesting post about self defense. Below is a breathtaking 911 call from what sounds like an older woman who had to shoot an intruder. I am simply amazed at how calm the woman is through the whole thing. As a disclaimer, I am taking for granted that this call has not been edited and is real.

I do not feel bad for the intruder. He made the choice. I do feel bad for the woman. She is immediately sorrowful that she had to take a life. But I hope she gets some good counseling. The choice was made for her, she did not make the choice.

Her frame of mind is excellent throughout the call. She states that she will not lock herself in a room, that she has a big shotgun. She says repeatedly that she hopes that this guy will not break in because she will kill him. And she did. The DA did not press charges on the woman.

I can only hope that I act so calmly if presented with this type of situation.


Dan from Madison said...

I might add that the 911 operator was very good in this scenario as well, advising the woman that she was within her rights to defend herself. Upon listening to the call once again, I am certain it was edited for time, but the point remains.

Annie said...

This is a piece of a 30 minute long call.
The cops took 21 minutes to arrive.
Longest damn 21 heart wrenching minutes I've ever listened to.
The unedited version is here: