Sunday, November 08, 2009

What An Outstanding Autumn Morning

This morning I awoke to a sight so familiar and luscious I had to take a photo. This was the view from my home office.

This image reminded me of the many hours, days, weeks and months I spent hunting whitetail deer from a treestand on family owned bottomland along the Indiana side of the Kankakee River this time of year.

Hunting above a swamp provided me with an advantage, I could hear Bambi's dad coming before I could see him. Hearing a distant deer slopping through the watery muck in the foggy morning light always got my adrenaline pumping.

Dad sold the land to a duck club twenty years ago to help finance his retirement so I was out of a private, secluded and productive property to hunt deer. Oh well.

Because of that I went full speed into upland bird hunting to satisfy my autumnal hunting jones. No regrets.

Friends and neighbors often donate venison to my freezer providing me with my favorite protein of all. It also opened up the opportunity for me to concentrate on raising my own gun dogs so I would always have a faithful companion to bird hunt with. Again, there are no regrets.

Those deer hunting mornings sitting fifteen feet above ground level in a cheap rickety tree stand watching the sun rise over that foggy bottomland swamp provided me with eternal memories of being one with nature. But there’s more than one way to accomplish that, I soon learned.

Who knows, one day I may gain access to productive private deer hunting land again. My traditional TC hawken-style .50 cal. muzzleloader is always ready to go. So am I.



Dan from Madison said...

Ah, the deer hunting bug, eh? I will be interested in seeing how this plays out.

Gerry from Valpo said...

Me too.

Carl from Chicago said...

Very cool photos as always

Looks like Sepia

Carl from Chicago said...

Hey my little icon guy showed up now, too. Cool. Gerry's is much more dramatic

Gerry from Valpo said...

The photos were taken and are displayed in full color. Sepia is simply the natural color of early and late autumn natural lighting. The camera was on a tripod and the shutter speed was about two seconds on the first image. That lens flare on the second image was most likely dust but I was too busy to bother photoshopping it out.