Sunday, November 15, 2009

Trust Funds for Kids

Over at another site I run called Trust Funds for Kids which is conveniently located at

I updated performance on the portfolios that I run for my nieces and nephews when they get to be at an age where I figure that they can understand investing.

Portfolio One has been running the longest - a decade - and I am pretty proud to have a 4.6% annual return on that one, considering that the DOW has been flat over that decade (of course they have some international stocks in there so that the DOW isn't a perfect comparison group, but it is still decent).

If you are interested in investing you might want to head over there and check it out. I also have spreadsheets that I built that are pretty complicated - they measure performance including dividends, interest on money market, factor in commissions, calculate returns, etc... and a nice summary page.

Also throw in a comment or two. I built that site using Word Press and per Dan's instructions I turned on Askimet, their spam comment catcher. That service is amazing - it has caught over 1400 spam comments to date. I literally have had like 1 legitimate comment in over a year. Sigh.


Dan from Madison said...

The person who wrote Askimet should get an honor just below the Medal of Honor. And should be knighted and whatever else you can do to praise someone.

As for your portfolio, start benchmarking to the S & P 500, not the Dow - tracking the Dow is for losers as you know.

Snakeye said...

Agreed on the Dow - not only does it track *just* 30 of the companies, but it uses price-weighted averaging... which is kinda crap! (cough cough... ok, enough of grad school talking...)

Carl from Chicago said...

Actually I compared my performance to the S&P 500 not the DOW on my post at the other site, was wrong here.

For all the problems with the DOW it actually tracks pretty close to the S&P 500 all in. But of course it is a weird price weighted thing.