Sunday, November 22, 2009

Not The Hermitage

While it might not strike a note with the average reader, most people visiting this blog would recognize the Hermitage as a famous Russian museum in St. Petersburg, Russia. Per wikipedia, this museum has the largest collection of paintings in the world. Many of these classic masterpieces were acquired by Catherine the Great. A film called "Russian Ark" famously went through the museum in a single take.

While walking through River North in Chicago I noticed a particularly ugly, pockmarked condo building of the hated beige variety. And what was the name of the building... the Hermitage on Huron!

Ha this must be some sort of revenge of ours against the Russians because this building is an architectural crime. Note the crap on the balconies including the satellite dishes and the particularly cheap plastic chairs that start out white and usually end up some sort of shade of dismal grey.

What's next, the Louvre on Lincoln?

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Dan from Madison said...

It looks like someone opened up on that building with a 20mm cannon or something. Reminds me of that famous photo of the aa tower at the zoo in Berlin at the end of ww2.