Saturday, November 28, 2009

More Obscure Bear Jerseys

With the Bears having a miserable season we have to entertain ourselves and one of those ways is to play "obscure Bear jerseys".

Out of these 5 odd ones there are some standouts - WHO would buy a Garrett Wolfe jersey? Only immediate family members? No, really, who ran the business case that there were enough Garrett Wolfe fans out there to bother printing up his jersey, for the 3rd string running back (OK now he is hurt and for a bit he was 2nd string but that was only because AP was hurt).

And Brian Griese? The guy who was one of our hack QB's in the era of Orton, Grossman and Griese? That guy? He had his best game AGAINST the Bears when he played for Tampa Bay and threw for 407 yards in one of the most shameful defensive games that the Bears ever played. He was a guy out of gas the day he arrived at the Bears.

Ayanbadejo? The special teams guy? OK he was good on special teams and made the pro bowl but really, he's been gone for a while, and wasn't exactly the most important guy on the field.

Then you have Perry. We all know #72 for his weight, jagged smile and tenure with the 85 Bears. But that was almost 25 years ago, and he wasn't that critical a guy relative to Dent, Payton, etc... more remembered as kind of a goofball joke than anything.

OK, Grange was a superstar. But look at the age of the guy with the jersey, a relatively young guy with hair and everything. What makes you pull out a Grange jersey, except to show that both the University of Illinois and the Bears both once had a running game. Really? If you were never alive to see him play even on TV as a little kid then I think you ought to put that jersey back on the rack.


Dan from Madison said...

Man we do see some laughable jerseys. Rashaan Saalam is one that stick out to me, and I think I saw a Curtis Enis once too.

Carl from Chicago said...

We need to get pictures of those if we ever see them again