Monday, November 23, 2009

More City of Chicago Sweatin' the Details

Since rights of way are typically under the streets they are constantly being torn up here in the city of Chicago. The City isn't too concerned about the details, though... just throw some giant metal plates over it and leave it for a few months. As the cars drive over you hear the "cuh-chunk" of the plates banging against the cement over and over and over again. And then they kind of do a patch job, and the winter comes, and enormous potholes sprout up again.

Or this - this wooden plate has been "fixing" a hole in the sidewalk on Wells street north of Hooters for many years now. No need to do anything more than this, I guess.

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Jonathan said...

I think the issue is that many city departments (and maybe private contractors as well) have authority to dig up streets, but the departments don't communicate with each other. So when the city repaves a street in a busy area it's usually only a matter of months before it starts getting dug up again. The City that Works!