Friday, November 20, 2009

Industrial Park Wildlife

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I have written many times about how amazing I think it is that wildlife can thrive in urban settings. In my industrial park I have seen all types of crazy things that seem certainly out of place. This time of year the geese show up, migrating from the north. We are near several bodies of water and I think they use this area to take a break from flying.

I have seen woodchucks, skunks, tons of rabbits, squirrels, racoons, coyotes, deer, ducks (etc.) and just last week these two.

This is a baby red-tailed hawk. GREAT rodent control. He is sitting on top of my eco-friendly H3. We have these on our farm property. Hopefully this guy will grow up to be as big as those - I would guess the full grown ones that I have seen are about three times this size. I absolutely love birds of prey.
My wife needed to come to the 'hood the other day and snapped this photo - this is right around the corner from my workplace (again, in the middle of an industrial park). It is a giant red fox.
We have these in my residential neighborhood as well. I would be interested to hear of wildlife that you have seen that seems out of place.

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Carl from Chicago said...

As I said over at Chicago Boyz love that hawk photo and your wife must have been quick-draw to get that clear of a fox picture. I miss all the good fast photos like that

johnnyj said...

Love the Hawk photo...

...A coyote has been seen wandering around my neighborhood recently (I think that's why my dogs have been barking madly in the middle of the night)...And, a black bear was 'humanely trapped' in my neighborhood about a month ago...Pretty neat considering that I live 5 minutes from the heart of downtown...

Dan from Madison said...

Update - in the ChicagoBoyz thread I am told that this is not a red-tailed hawk, good info over there.