Saturday, November 14, 2009

Coyote Ugly Replacement

The Coyote Ugly franchise went dark here in Chicago. It used to be a lot of fun (no cover charge) and packed and then it fell apart and I think about 1/2 the franchises are dead now. The funny part was that they had a "closed for remodeling" sign up for a while which is hilarious because there was literally no furniture in there just a banged up bars where boots "scooted" and some tables that looked like they were garbage picked. The bathroom was pretty much a hole in the ground but they had an attendant sometimes, which also was ridiculously out of place.

So where to go when you just want to have a couple of bars without a lot of frills? Well there is the Boss Bar. First off, most everyone in there is "eyes back in head" drunk, which makes for entertainment. There are about 5 bartenders packed in a tiny bar so you can get a drink quickly. And they have a pool table, too.

I played a great few games of pool there after the pre-season Bears games but now my game has fallen on hard times. I went with a friend of mine and we got smoked on doubles. Lots of goofy characters there I think a few of them are outright professionals. Also decent jukebox someone always gets hammered and puts on lots of hardcore and metal, which is good while drinking the corn water and shooting stick on a battered pool table.

That pool table is one of the better pictures I've taken, quite a shot in the dark for me and my crappy tiny blog camera.


Carl from Chicago said...

Also funny if you click on the boss bar photo and look at the guy in front of it on the sidewalk he is giving me the stink eye as if he doesn't want to be photographed in front of that place. Hey he looks like he has a camera himself so he probably does the same with his subjects.

Dan from Madison said...

I hate the bathroom attendant. It seems to be a southern thing. I can grab my own paper towel and NO I don't need any Old Spice, thanks.

Jonathan said...

Awesome pool table pic.

Carl from Chicago said...

hey that means a lot coming from a stone professional