Saturday, November 14, 2009

City of Chicago Sweats the Details

The city of Chicago seems to be replacing every curb on every corner. When I wrote about this recently someone commented that it was part of a legal settlement to make the curbs more wheelchair friendly by fixing the angle and installing these bumpy red squares on the end.

In typical City of Chicago fashion, they are hardly sweating the details. They obviously didn't guard the pavement while it was drying or put it up late on a Friday when a million drunks were going to stumble by so this is what was carved in the freshly drying cement.

The sad part is that this is the sidewalk directly in front of the Contemporaine, a cutting edge condominium that won project of the year a few years ago (here is the building and the award summary).

Oh and while we are at it someone was apparently thrown out of their apartment or office and all the belongings were just piled along a super busy street on Grand Avenue across from the Humane Society. This stuff sat out there for days and days. Thankfully it wasn't winter or else it would have been covered into a big block of debris-ice and sat for the season.


Gerry from Valpo said...

Outstanding urban images both. The bottom one reminds me of how Dick Daily has managed to turn Chicago into a "green" city as he promised. Nice job, Dick!

Dan from Madison said...

That bottom image just looks like someone didn't have enough room in their dumpster - seems like repeating garbage - mostly styrofoam computer shells, and hangers.

Dan from Madison said...

I have to admit that first image is an all time classic here at litgm.

Jonathan said...

Hey, that's my stuff!!


Carl from Chicago said...

It hurts my story a bit but they did re-do the sidewalk in front of the Contemporaine. Still damn funny, though