Saturday, November 21, 2009

A Christmas Brew - Part 2

Now we're brewing.

Part one is posted directly below.

I love watching the bubbles percolate through the gas lock. At times I will cup my hand over the lock and take a snort. Yummm.

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Snakeye said...

ahhh... it's too bad you don't use glass carboys! Get a YouTube video of that stuff fermenting... the whole thing's alive!!!

On another note, I thoroughly enjoyed reading your brewing posts. 3 years ago I did it all the time. Since I've been in Savannah, I've not done it once (because I'm gone all the time!). I was toying about selling my equipment (steel fermenting tank and brewstand with pumps for all-grain... I built it myself some time ago - picture here).

I'm now kinda thinking I oughta just ship it to Italy when I go in a few months. I should have time to do it then, and everybody tells me there's shit beer in Italy (Peroni anyone?)