Friday, October 16, 2009

Wolf Point

While walking home from work I took a photo of a piece of land near the Merchandise Mart and adjacent to the Holiday Inn. This is called "Wolf Point" and it is interesting to think of the Chicago that never was. At this site way back in the 1960's they were going to build an 80 story apartment building here, probably about the time of the iconic Marina Towers. This probably would have turned into one of the top residences in Chicago, and today it is a parking lot. Here is a link to the planned skyscraper on, which is a cool site if you have some time to look at all of the high rise buildings around the world.

On a Chicago history program I saw they said that Wolf Point used to be a thriving port when the Chicago River was one of the biggest waterways for merchandise in the country (hard to believe since today there are only a few brightly colored kayaks, sailboats, and the ferries full of tourists).

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