Thursday, October 22, 2009

What Happens on the Plane to Vegas, Stays on the Plane to Vegas, Part One

Based on a true story.

Unfortunately for me I couldn't make the times work for a direct flight from Milwaukee to Vegas. So I was stuck flying from Madison to Dallas to Vegas.

Upon arriving in Dallas for the layover I found the need for a beer to relax and strode up to a bar in the Dallas airport. I sat down next to a woman and we began a conversation. I found out that she was on my flight and that she had been a Vegas showgirl in a previous life. I checked out her frame and it seemed probable. She had lots of stories from her travels all over the world being a showgirl. She even said that she did lots of topless shows. That was also probable from what I could see.

This woman then asked me what I did for a living and that was a pretty short, unexciting conversation as it always is. Heating and air conditioning parts and equipment doesn't exactly get people on the edge of their seats. She asked me which t1tty bars I was going to in Vegas and I said that I wasn't really going to any (true). She didn't believe me and gave me several recommendations. I thanked her and again told her that I wasn't going to any. She then told me that she enjoyed frequenting these establishments with her boyfriend and that whenever they go that both her and her boyfriend each get a lap dance from a selected performer. More than I needed to know.

The conversation between the showgirl and myself continued for a bit, mostly small talk. Then up came a woman who sat on the other side of me in the bar. I will call her "Joan". She was slightly overweight, had long black hair and was dressed pretty much all in black. Her first order was a double rum and coke. The showgirl and myself included her in our conversation and found out that Joan was on the same Vegas flight.

By the time that I had ordered my second beer, Joan had knocked down two more double rum and cokes. It was amazing watching this woman drink.

After a while it was time to board and all three of us got in line with the rest of the passengers. The showgirl was in the front of the plane, Joan was around row 10 and I was toward the back, I am guessing around row 20. I buried my head in my biking magazines that I had brought.

About 20 minutes into the flight the two elderly people sitting next to me got up and I saw some people moving about toward the front of the plane. I asked the elderly folks what was up and they said that my wife was waiting for me a few rows up and that people were moving around so we could sit together.

I was so excited. My wife and I have not been alone on a vacation for nine years - since our firstborn came on the scene. We have had a day alone here and there, but not any extended time alone. I couldn't believe it - my wife must have dumped the kids off and worked it so she could meet me on this flight out of Dallas - I had emailed my itinerary so it was perfectly feasible that she would work this. I stuffed my magazines into my briefcase and almost ran up the ten rows or so to find waiting for me...Joan.

Part Two in a few days.


Mark said...

A few days? That's mean.

Dan from Madison said...

Gotta keep the suspense up.

Gerry from Valpo said...

Chapter two better be good.

Dan from Madison said...

You might not think it is good, but it is certainly interesting.