Sunday, October 11, 2009

Chicago Marathon 2009

Today was the Chicago Marathon which runs right through River North. The music was going by about 7am as the chilly volunteers prepared for the race. It seems hard to believe that just a couple of years ago it was almost 90 and people were dropping in the heat... today it was in the low thirties at the start and damn cold.

We are about at the half way point so how it goes is that first we see the wheelchair racers scream by, then it goes about 15 minutes or so, and then we see the first pack of runners, invariably Kenyan. After a while the few other leading runners go by, and then it is the big pack.

In the picture on the upper right of this collage you can see the eventual winner, Kenya's Samuel Wanjiru, who is 22, who set an all time record for a marathon in the US at this event. He is in yellow. On the upper left you can see the volunteers who are holding out cups of water - the pack of winners don't slow down.

The big picture is a view of the runner pack to the north, and the smaller crowd view is a runner pack to the south. You can see the picture where the ambulance is following who I think is about the last person running the race - he has a leg brace on and is moving very slowly, but still moving on. Must be a bit unnerving having the ambulance follow you (that would probably be me if I even made it to the half way point). A relative of mine is a paramedic and he says he hates working these running events because by the time the runners give up they are in bad shape, often covered in #1 and even #2.


Dan from Madison said...

Holy crap what a time that guy had.

Speaking of runners in bad shape, after the Chicago half marathon I saw a lot of people with ice on their feet, knees and legs, like they hadn't prepared enough for it. I had never seen that before, then again I had never run in a race with 20 thousand people before either.

Carl from Chicago said...

I'd probably be covered in ice if I ran the 1/2 marathon :)

Dan from Madison said...

you could do it if you trained properly - anyone could.

On that note, my treadmill just took a crap after only ten years of service. Boy did I get my money out of that machine. Hope it can be fixed.

Carl from Chicago said...

Hey we need to pick a 1/2 marathon and 10k combo and go some time this winter. Let me know where you'd like to go. I'd like to run 2 10k's / year.

Dan from Madison said...

My body is still in rest mode. Only been a month since my last half marathon and I am just now starting to feel human. I am still doing light (5 mile is light for me) running and biking to keep the cardio up but not training in earnest for a good four weeks yet.

I won't be doing another half marathon until spring, but would love to do a "destination" 10k or quarter marathon with you this winter. Obviously Phoenix or Miami or somewhere else SOUTH are the best bets.

Gerry from Valpo said...

The only time I'm running is if the law is chasing me.