Saturday, October 24, 2009

TGMPCBC, Part 7 - Region 4

Well, I finally have gotten around to getting up the last few posts on the CBC. Today is region 4.

Old Milwaukee vs. Modelo
Foster's vs. Miller High Life
Below is the first pour of Modelo vs. Old Milwaukee. Note how light the one on the right looks. Trust me, the heads on both of these went away in about 30 seconds.
Beer 1 - very moldy smell, with an indescribably horrible taste, sort of like the corn has gone bad.
Beer 2 - smells like caustic chemicals and I could hardly detect any beer flavor at all

I think this one takes the cake as the two worst beers I have tried thus far (and that is saying something). The one on the right takes it for being less bad, and the winner is Old Milwaukee.

Below we have the pour for Foster's vs. Miller High Life. I honestly don't remember which was which as my wife was helping me with the blind taste test.

Beer 1 - Has a not horrific smell, just mildly bad. The beer itself was almost drinkable.

Beer 2 - Smells musty and tinny. It had that classic crappy beer moldy taste with a long BLAST of aftertaste.

The winner - Miller High Life!

Old Milwaukee vs. Miller High Life - not even close. The winner of this region is Miller High Life and it gets the coveted picture with me before it goes down the drain.

As a sidenote, I have been known to drink Miller High Life out of bottles while doing yard work or other outdoor summer activities.

So the finals match up like this:

Semifinal number 1 - Miller Lite vs. Milwaukee's Best Ice

Semifinal number 2 - Miller High Life vs. Miller Genuine Draft

Wow ALL four of the semifinalists are Miller products. Carl is dancing in his condo about now.


Carl from Chicago said...

I don't claim Milwaukee' Best as part of my little miller clan. But thank god we at least beat bud!

Dan from Madison said...

the Bud products truly sucked. By the way I finally tried one of those Affligem's that you left from the first tailgate, WOW that is great beer.

Carl from Chicago said...

I really like those Belgian ales. They are lighter than the heavy beers and they pack a big wallop of alcohol, too.

Sk8 said...

Love the series. PBS worthy.

Jonathan said...

Important work. I'm still not clear on one thing, though. Is the winner the worst beer or the least-bad beer?

Dan from Madison said...

The winner is the least bad of all of these horrible beers.

Anonymous said...

Dan--that stuff is not beer. It is stuff from the kitchen sink.

Dan from Madison said...

Which is precicely where it ends up after the "tasting".

OldProle said...

at various times people have set up blind taste tests of beer - say, 8 mass market beers (like Miller, Old Milwaukee, etc.). Disappointing. Most people could not distinguish one from another. They were all equal - good, bad or indifferent.

I've pretty much given up on most of the major brands.

Its sort of like coffee - since the 1980s haute coffee has made ordinary coffee out of the can seem just too passe. The re-emergent local beers (often ales) have so much more flavor, body, hoppiness, and alcohol that plain old Joe 6 pack beer resembles slop. Sometimes the haute beers and ales are a bit too souped up, seems like.

Dan from Madison said...

OldProle - all of these beers are bad, just that the Miller products are a tad more drinkable. Typically I am a microbrew guy. New Glarus and Ale Asylum set me up pretty well for around here.