Monday, October 05, 2009

NFL Promoting Exercise

I rag on the NFL a lot for a lot of things, but I thought that I would give them an 'atta boy for something I saw yesterday.

During the Bear/Lion game they kept hammering the "Play 60" commercial. If you go to, it is explained.

The idea is to get yourself and maybe other kids from your school to exercise for a total of 60 minutes per day. Here is a form that the NFL created so the kids can keep track of their exercise (massive PDF file here).

The NFL Rush website has all kinds of things that explain to young kids how they can get active.

I can't quite wrap my head around why the NFL is doing this besides maybe for good PR like they are getting from this blogpost. It also keeps the NFL logos and name in front of the kids that take the fitness challenge.

Like I have said, I bag on the NFL a lot for their non-enforcement of steroid rules, blatant hypocrisy on gambling issues and other things, but I think that this promotion of physical fitness is nothing but a good thing.

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