Sunday, October 04, 2009

Morning After in River North

In the morning I was out walking early on a Saturday after the bars and clubs had closed but before most people started the new day. As I strolled around I took a few photos of the stuff that I usually see under the L tracks on Franklin avenue.

You always see someone who couldn't hold it in, and a bunch of beer cans and Red Bull cans strewn about. There usually is some stray clothing of some sort; I like the way that the abandoned sweatshirt soaked up the moisture from the pavement. And then there are the abandoned cars, receiving the boot. Those are expensive to remove.

Not shown here - broken flower pots. For some reason the bar and club denizens almost always have to smash any available planters, turn them over, and pull out the plants. Don't know if that makes them feel better, or is their small parting gift to my neighborhood, but it is a constant. Thanks.


Jonathan said...

Awesome. I wish I still lived there. Your photographic composition needs only some spilled hot wings and a condom wrapper to be complete.

Dan from Madison said...

You really should get the hell out of there.

Alderman Jon said...

The slums of River North. Ha

Carl from Chicago said...

It is an amazing display of humanity. Dan you need to come out some time and see it for yourself when the club kidz go wild.