Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Feeling Young Again.


But dressing up on Halloween is out of the question.

It has been crazy busy for me this month. Suddenly my free time is tight. A fat, juicy one-week on-site downtown Chicago contract dropped into my lap early in October and they soon offered to extend the contract.

Suddenly, I feel like Jay Cutler.

Look at it this way, when you encounter a face-down well-dressed passed-out drunk in a dark, Chicago River North alley with a fat wallet sticking out of his back pocket loaded with ca$h and nobody is looking what would YOU do? After all, it IS the Chicago way.

What I really wanted to comment on during some rare time-off is the Chicago Bears display of courage along with their strategic and tactical excellence last Sunday in Cincinnati led by Coach Lovey Smith. But I decided to spend my only free afternoon casually blowing leaves and mowing the lawn while comfortably riding on my little John Deere tractor sipping an icy gin & squirt in a plastic cup on one of those rare, sunny, seventy degree October days instead.

I missed out on most of the Chicago Bear action but my garage television was tuned in to the game. While stopping to refill my plastic cup I would check on the score. Bad idea. I stopped looking and just kept mowing.

A month-long string of rainy, gloomy days have been a real pain in the azz as well. It’s been rare driving to or from the commuter train on dry pavement. Departing and arriving home in the dark sucks as well, but the money is really, really good.

Did I mention feeling like Jay Cutler?


Chris from Colorado said...

Right after the trade, you told me Orton would do better in Denver than Cutler would do in Chicago. Spot on so far.

Dan from Madison said...

We are cranking up the volume at Fire Ron Turner. It might not make a difference but sure feels good. Click to check it out on the sidebar - traffic there is improving pretty steadily as the Bears circle the toilet.