Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Crazy Advertisement

I am certainly not an advertising expert and I guess one key to advertising is catching the eye of the passer-by. But I have no idea what they are trying to get across with this Aja steak house in Chicago but she appears to be an attractive woman covered in that green goop like in nickelodeon.


Dan from Madison said...

I clicked through and Aja doesn't look like a steak house to me. That aside, I first thought of the Steely Dan album when I read that, which shows my age nicely.

Carl from Chicago said...

Ha ha Steely Dan came into town and they played Aja I have a photo from the theater marquee

No you are correct Aja isn't a steak house it is the old school sushi

Gerry from Valpo said...

Maybe the waiter dumped a bowl of wasabi dip on her face. Wowsers!

Jonathan said...

That's it. She pissed off the waiter.

It's the sushi nazi!