Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Bridge Too Far

The Chicago River bridges went up after attending a short mid-day business meeting in downtown Chicago not long ago.

I was trapped from getting back to my car parked in the garage north of the river at IBM Plaza. The bridges went up to allow luxury yachts and sailing sloops a safe river exit to their winter dry docks.

The sky was blue, the lighting was perfect and I had my camera with me. So I walked around the State Street bridge taking photos to pass the time. Not being in a hurry I snapped over two dozen images. The Marina City corn-cob condos made for an interesting image texture.

A few photos came out fine. Most had bad subject tangents or weren’t framed properly. There was something about these starkly contrasted color images that made me think of good old black and white photography.

Converting a color digital image using Photoshop is a simple two-step process, one to discard color information and another to adjust the levels.

A quality digital SLR may cost in the upper hundreds but considering the cost of film and processing a few short years ago my Nikon has paid for itself a few times.

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Carl from Chicago said...

Great photos!