Saturday, October 31, 2009

Autumn 2009

The leaf explosion happened right on schedule this year in my neighborhood. Bigtime. It didn’t last long, there were only a few days of color until rain and wind brought it all to an end. We all know what's next.

My new pup Dottie is growing fast. Here's what she looked like last August. She’s four months old now, very healthy at just over twenty pounds and as feisty and loveable as a setter pup can be. Any nightmares of having a puppy in the house (such as chewing on woodwork) have yet to materialize. Confining her space, close observation and a lot of love and understanding makes the difference. We've learned from experience.

Dottie responds well to her name and we have turned the corner on house breaking. All it takes is patience, positive reinforcement and a lot of paper towels.

Since I have been commuting to the city daily for the past month my personal time with her has been short.

Going for a long walk with Dottie late this afternoon was pleasant. I took these photos on one of the few sunny weekend days we have had this month.

Dottie was easy to control on the leash. Better yet, she was zigzagging in front of me without a too much aggressiveness. This is a good sign for a young English Setter pup with strong field trial lineage. Field trial dogs love to work far out and breaking them to work close in takes a lot of effort, discipline and consistency on my part. It’s too early to tell how we will do in the field a year from now but I like what I see so far.

In another month or so we will begin serious obedience training exercises daily. Judging by her desire to please, Dottie may be my easiest subject so far. I can only hope.

Time will tell.

I can't wait to put her on live birds.


Dan from Madison said...

Wow, she sounds like a natural. What a cutie!

Carl from Chicago said...

Great pictures!

Not as cute as the puppy photo of her pointing at a butterfly, but that one was tops.