Friday, October 02, 2009

All Wound Up

Oh holy hell I have my "patalones caliente" all wound up. There are fights at the gym tomorrow.

The gym is hosting another smoker - a smoker is an event where people who aren't professional get to come together to test their metal aginst each other. The fights are not sanctioned, and they do not count against anyone's records. Most of the fights are being run under amateur Muay Thai rules. That means that everyone must wear headgear and shinpads and there are no elbows. Don't kid yourself, this doesn't mean no pain. There will be blood and bruises.

Which brings me to liability - I hope the gym owner has everyone sign their lives away beforehand. I am not sure if paramedics will be there, but I hope they have them. I know how hard these guys hit, kick and knee.

I have helped train a bunch of guys (and one girl) for these fights and am seriously jacked up to see how they will do. This is what I call my "fighting by proxy". I am too old and have too much responsibility to get in the ring, so I will let my fighters do it for me. DAMN it is tempting sometimes to sign up for a fight though. I always do well sparring with these guys. But this isn't for me.

I will have a couple of jobs Saturday at the gym - one, warming up fighters on pads and two, I will be cornering for at least four of them, maybe more. I love the fact that the fights start at 1pm - this means that I will get home at a decent hour. We have 17 fights scheduled. At least two will be cancelled for no shows, and some of these fights will stop short for knockouts and/or injuries.

I just can't wait.

Here's hoping that I will see good sportsmanship tomorrow. We have a lot of young men in there with a lot of angst - but I cherish Muay Thai for the traditions and one of the most important is to respect your opponent. I plan on showing respect for the opposing corner as they do in Thailand by saluting the opponent and his coaches with a "wai". Hopefully others will be respectful as well. I do worry about the combatants not showing proper respect and sportsmanship. We will see.

Any way you slice it it will be a great day.


Thomas said...

So how'd it go?

Dan from Madison said...

Pretty damned awesome. Our guys won almost all of our fights. The guys that I helped train ALL won, big source of pride as that is how I fight by proxy.

Thomas said...