Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bears vs. Steelers Tailgate, Part One

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This years tailgate was so magnificent that it will take multiple parts to do it justice.

First off, we got a pass by the Adler Planetarium (I always say it like this now) which is somewhat of a freak occurrence. All Bear season ticket holders are tossed into a computer salad and the winners get a parking pass, somewhere. We have been getting pretty lucky with the passes and have only had to go black market once in the last several years.

Anywho, this photo pretty much explains the difference between the Adler lot and the South Lot. Yep, no line. If this were the South Lot there would be zero access to the johns starting at about 8.30.
In exchange for this convenience we were absolutely punished with a traffic snarl of epic proportions, caused ONLY by the availability of a tiny bit of cash parking that is available near the Adler lot. It was literally insane, but we have gone over these issues before so no need to tear out what little hair we have left over it. The extraordinarily high level of ineptitude is only to be expected.

Some Bear fans go all out - the RV lot is right next to the Adler lot.
The scene in the Adler lot is just a touch more docile than in the South Lot, but the sequence of events is exactly the same. Park, light the grill and booze up.

I like the green Forte jersey from Tulane. I think that one was autographed if memory serves.

In the coming parts we will have what everyone wants to see - the FOOD.


SK8 said...

Bring on the food!

Gerry from Valpo said...

Stillers lost, that was the best part.