Thursday, August 06, 2009

Three Man Bands

Three man bands always impressed me.

Here are my six favorite three man bands of all time in no order.

Cleveland's finest.

This guy killed Procal Harem all by himself

Never saw him live, it was his fault

Never saw these guy live either, this was my fault

First stadium act I saw live, 1970 at the Chicago Colleseum

When I saw these guys live in 1995 there were more motorcycles in the parking lot than cars, I felt right at home


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Carl from Chicago said...

A lot of good bands there

I have been a big fan of Robin Trower for years. It was sad because the singer for the best albums like "Bridge of Sighs" died recently.

Also of course ZZ Top although their last albums were a bit weird.

One big 3 man band that puts out a huge sound is MUSE. You might want to check them out some time they are one of my favorites.

Speaking of the James Gang the Onion had a blurb saying "Eagles execute Joe Walsh to ensure that Greatest Hits remains best selling album"