Saturday, August 22, 2009

Muay Thai on "No Reservations"

Recently I was watching an episode of "No Reservations" starring Anthony Bourdain when he went to Thailand. He happened to go there right in the midst of a mini-revolution, which was a distraction.

The interesting part is that he went there with a Muay Thai fighter who sent a video as part of a promotion to select a destination because he wanted to train in Thailand. Here is a link to the original video that the Muay Thai fighter sent in prior to filming the episode.

The fighter, a guy over 200 pounds, did end up spar with a fighter in Thailand (whom he met on facebook), and although he was much larger than his opponent, the little guy kicked his butt. The funny part was cutting between the US fighter in the corner between rounds (getting a massage) vs. the Thai fighter (sitting by himself, not looking too winded). Everyone was in good spirits. The Thai fighter said that he had been in over 160 fights.

Also briefly we saw how they trained and there was a pad holder who must be doing what Dan does every week. The Thai fighters were really kicking the snot out of that pad at an extremely fast pace - it looked like a lot of hard work, like Dan usually says on this blog.

If you like the show "No Reservations" I would recommend recording it on your DVR and looking out for this episode, it was very interesting.

One more Muay Thai item and I am exhausted - I was looking in the WSJ and they had a little caption about the UFC fight winners of all time and while MT fighters made up a small percentage of the total pool, they proportionally had a higher percentage of the champions. It is good to see the Wall Street Journal, of all papers, finally covering UFC.

That concludes my Muay Thai posting...

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Dan from Madison said...

I will need to see that No Reservations show for sure. I would assume if it is a Thai fighter that it would be a pretty good representation of the sport. The 160 fights is pretty common, and many many fighters have upwards of three or four hundred by the time they are done.

As far as MT champions winning at UFC, that is sort of a misnomer. Sure, a former boxer, wrestler, MT guy or Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fighter can be the UFC champion. But the bottom line is that NOBODY in the UFC can be a champion without all of the phases. You have to have a great striking game (MT), submission game (BJJ and/or Wrestling) and conditioning or you are toast.